The Best Scuba Diving Gear for Beginners

As a beginning scuba diver, you’re probably wondering how to outfit yourself. You want to buy gear that will get the job done but isn’t too costly. Finding bargains and saving money is always enjoyable; however, with scuba diving, it’s essential to know where you can skimp and where you really shouldn’t. Buy using the following list of best scuba diving gear for beginners, you will find ready to dive into shallow waters for the first time.


  • Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set $39.99



This Cressi Scuba Diving Set combines both a mask and a snorkel making it ideal for beginners who are unsure of how to pair the two. What makes the mask unique is its no-frame design that allows for a wider field of vision. The snorkel eliminates water from entering once submerged, and the mouthpiece is made of a soft silicone for comfort. As a bonus, this mask and snorkel comes in an array of colors. The low-volume design can cause the mask to fog up faster than normal, but there are many tricks your instructors and/or peers can share with you to remedy that.


  • Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins $26.95



Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins are ideal for beginners as the foot pockets are made so the fins are easy to put on quickly and the fins themselves are extremely comfortable. Furthermore, they are built so they can be worn over thin footwear. As an added bonus, since these fins are short and come with a mesh bag, they can easily be attached to any carry on for storage and travel. These Cressi fins are only a small investment that will prove worthwhile for any beginning snorkler.


  • Seavenger Men and Women Wetsuits $57.99




Wetsuits in general can become a steep purchase. Luckily, Seavenger offers wetsuits for both men and women at a lower price, making them great for beginners who don’t want the extra splurge. These wetsuits offer an extra large zip, knee and shoulder pads, flat-lock stitching, a multi-panel flexible design, and an extra-long leash. The only thing you’d need to be cautious about when purchasing these seavenger suits is the size; read their sizing guide carefully to find the right fit for you.


  • Cressi Start BCD $184.26


Any beginner knows that you can’t go snorkeling without your Buoyancy Control Device, and considering this is one of those items that you definitely don’t want to skimp on, Cressi makes a great one for beginners and advanced divers alike. In addition to durability and functionality, this BCD is slightly more compact than most, making it an even easier wear. And though you may think the price is steep, for a BCD of its caliber, this Cressi Start BCD is quite the steal.


  • Mares MV Octopus Diving Regulator $89.95


To work alongside your BCD, you will also need a diving regulator. This one by Mares does the job. This diving regulator is lightweight, making it easy for beginners to dive with. Furthermore, its compact shape also makes it extra convenient. This is also another great bargain buy that gets the job done.


  • Cressi Leonardo Scuba Dive Computer $198.99


Lastly, what you will need is a dive computer. Cressi Leonardo Scuba Dive Computer features a complete RGBM dive computer, air and nitrox modes, an audible alarm, larger digits that allow for easier readings, and a single button making it easy to manipulate. These are all the qualities you want in your dive computer. They may not be the most fun aspect of diving, but you definitely need them to ensure your own safety.

When you go in for your first dive, you really want to feel that you did everything you could to prepare yourself properly. These above items are some of the best scuba diving gear for beginners out there. They will allow you relax and focus on the beauty of the ocean scenery before you.

Tips for divers aren’t the only information you’ll find on Scuba List Pro. The site is also full of reviews on the top diving watches for men, best snorkel fins, good scuba masks, and many more!

Atkins Diet 101


With all the varying diets and weight-loss programs available nowadays, it’s hard to keep track of which ones actually work and which ones will work best for you. The Atkins Diet originated back in 1972 and was founded by Dr. Robert C. Atkins on the belief that the consumption of less carbs and more proteins and fats would result in greater weight loss. This was contradictory to the common belief at the time that proteins and fats were what caused weight gain to begin with.

How It Works


Atkins’s diet works on the fundamental principle that proteins and fats are what make us feel full, so by consuming less fats, we eat more to make up for the constant feeling of hunger. Therefore, according to the Atkins Diet, the more proteins and fats we eat, the more and longer we feel satisfied by our meal, resulting in less snacking in the long run. It initially sounds like a paradox, but the diet has been proven to work again and again.

The Four Phases

The Atkins diet is meant to work in four phases:

  1. Reduce carbohydrate intake to under 20 grams per day and switch to a high-fat, high-protein diet. All carbohydrate intake should come in the form of leafy greens. You even want to avoid high-carb fruits and vegetables, starches, and legumes in this stage.
  1. Slowly add more carbohydrates back into your diet at a rate which you can still continue to lose weight. This is when you can resume (or start) eating high-carb fruits and vegetables, starches, and legumes.
  1. Continue adding more carbohydrates into your diet. Your weight loss should start to slow down at this point.
  1. This final stage in the Atkins diet is where you learn to balance your carbohydrate intake and maintain your desired weight.

Foods You Can Eat


These are the foods that are okay to eat during all phases of your Atkins Diet:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Other healthy fats

Foods You Can’t Eat

Complex Carbohydrates Food Sources

These are the foods you want to avoid during the entirety of your Atkins Diet:

  • Grains (bread, pasta, etc.)
  • Trans-fat (mostly contained in fried foods)
  • Sugar (cookies, candy, etc.)

These are the foods that you also want to avoid during phase 1 of your Atkins Diet:

  • Starches
  • High-carbohydrate fruits
  • High-carbohydrate vegetables

The Results


Whenever you hear the word “diet,” you automatically conjure images of long hours enduring hunger pangs, and the constant urge to binge after avoiding certain types of foods. That is not the experience you will have when partaking in the Atkins Diet.

The beauty of the Atkins Diet is that it is a way to lose weight without necessarily needing to exercise. All you really need to do is cut carbohydrates (and that’s only in phase 1). After phase 1, you can begin incorporate high-carbohydrate fruits and vegetables back into your life, so in reality, the diet is not as strict as it may initially seem. This low-carb diet will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done to lose weight.

Top Reasons I Love Football

No matter what your preferences are, there’s a sport out there for everyone. And if you’re not one to participate, then watching them is just as good (if not better). Though I’ve lost track of how many ESPN channels are out there, it appears as if the act of sitting back and watching a sport has become one itself. Of all the ones that are readily available to watch, my favorite sport to watch is football. There’s simply so much to love about the game, but if you find yourself unable to fathom why, continue reading to find out.


  • The game itself is intensely fun to watch.


Dec 14, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Navy Midshipmen center Tanner Fleming (75) and the Navy line prepare to collide with Army Black Knights defensive lineman Richard Glover (98) and the Army defense at the line of scrimmage during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 14, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Navy Midshipmen center Tanner Fleming (75) and the Navy line prepare to collide with Army Black Knights defensive lineman Richard Glover (98) and the Army defense at the line of scrimmage during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why I enjoy football. The game itself is a high-intensity game that is incredibly entertaining to watch. There’s something about watching large men collide into one another and fight so hard just to get a ball across a line that is entertaining to us viewers. Regardless of the game’s simplicity, the strategies are endless, and watching each team with their varying strategies and techniques is one of my favorite parts of the game. Similarly, I love anticipating what their next move might (or should) be.


  • Football has a way of bringing out high emotions.



We all know about the release of endorphins following a good exercise regimen, but there should really be a study done on the endorphins released after watching your home team score a winning touchdown. Football has a way of bringing out all my emotions, high and low. Though the lows are also never forgotten, I like to focus on the wins and all those moments I got to watch my favorite teams win. The excitement is unimaginable and incomparable to any other feeling out there.


  • I love the memories it creates.


I have more than a handful of good memories watching football, especially when it comes to Superbowl Sunday. These big events create lasting memories that I wouldn’t otherwise have without the existence of football. Some of my favorite memories are of me sitting with family, loudly rooting for our favorite team (even if they weren’t the same one).


  • The snacks are the best.


Table set with munchies for a Super Bowl party.  White background.

This reason is one that should almost go without saying. Football-lovers and Non-football-lovers alike can agree that football snacks are the best – wings, pizza rolls, every finger food you can possibly imagine right in front of you. These snacks have become synonymous with the game itself.


  • The game is a metaphor for life.


You plan, you practice, you execute. Sometimes those plans execute just as intended, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes what you wanted for months, years, on end culminates to disappointment, and then sometimes, in those rarer cases, they don’t. Football teaches you about loyalty and motivation and how to take disappointment in stride. It takes a game about physical strength and turns it into a lesson about mental strength. The game is a good metaphor for life. You win some; you lose some.

I know plenty of individuals who find sports mundane and juvenile. They don’t understand how anyone can spend hours on end watching others play on a game on the television, how anyone can worked up to the point of tears. Sports bring out something different in everyone. In my case, football just happens to bring out some of the best. Hopefully, if you don’t already love football as I do, you will learn to appreciate it more.